Dynamics CRM 365 error in FetchXML report: The expected parameter has not been supplied for the repo

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Hello Partners,

I have created a FetchXMl report using BIDS and Visual Studio 2015.

Due to the scope of the report, 15 entities have been used to pull all the required information. 

Owing to the limitation in Linked Entities, I have created two FetchXML, grouping together all the related entities. The two main entities are Opportunites and Quotes.

The report works perfectly fine when all the linked entities contain at least one record. From the CRM forms, there are fields from a particular entity which are not mandatory field.

For instance, in the Competitors entity, the user may or may not enter a value for the Name field. Also, in the Payment Terms, the fields are not mandatory so the user may leave it blank.

When there is no record in any of the Competitors or Payment Terms entity, I get the error stated in the subject line.

My question is: Is it possible to trap the error in the report, like if there is no record id found for any of the linked entities then the error will be bypassed and the report will still display?

The report has already been deployed to Production and most users are already using it and they get the error when they did not enter any value for the Competitor.

Please help!!




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