Directly display a base64 image in SSRS from a custom assembly.

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i have a custom assembly, loaded in SSRS,  who execute a http request to a web service and return a string of a base64 image. 


I want to first know if it's possible to display directly a base64 image in SSRS Without going through a database ? 


I try different expression in image properties but my image never displays.

I tested "Embedded" and "External" image source









I tested by simplifying to the maximum without using custom assemblies, but by writing a simple function in the code tab of SSRS which contains a base64 img, calling it in an expression, but the problem persists.




You're welcome for the clarification.












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return a string of a base64 image. 

@Raphael75 , you already wrote it, it returns a Base64 string, not binary image, which could be presented in a SSRS report.

And you can not use .NET functions in an expression. Your customer assembly has to convert the string to a valid image.