Date Field In SQL Server

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Hi i am Using a Third Party Tool to import Data into SQL Server, the Problem that i am having is one of the Fields i am importing via the Transform Tool is a data field which is blank in the Fox Pro Database, however when it is Imported into SQL server it reads as 0001-01-01, i have lots of views that rely on this table and a SSAS Cube which fails because of that data, is there any way i am able to change that data to a more relevant one say 1976-01-01





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Hi, John.


We can't help you with Fox Pro or your third party tool, in which case all we can suggest is running a post import update that sets the date to NULL (or '1976-01-01' as per your comment, though I don't understand where this comes from given you stated the original value in Fox Pro was blank) where it currently equals '0001-01-01'.




Agree, if you have an issue with a 3rd party application, then contact the software support.