Database table needs to change frequently

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We have a current solution. Database back end, web page front end. It works well. Problem is the business told us that the columns will change frequently.


What options do you have? It's a royal pain to constantly add a column, drop a column only to add a column again. Also, it a major pain to constantly reprogram everything.


Any suggestions on how to deal with a table that will be a constant moving target?

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@RM_33 , what for a suggestion do you expect? If that's the business requirement, then it is so.


Only option I coukd think about is to store the data as XML or JSON to get it dynamically.

Hi RM_33.
I'm no expert, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.
I find it unusual that a database would need to be adding, dropping and re-adding columns on a frequent basis.
Can you give an example of how and why you'd need to frequently do this?