Clarification on Anaconda Licensing with SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions

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I'm seeking clarification on the licensing terms for Anaconda when installed as part of the SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions. When installing Machine Learning services for versions prior to 2022, there is a prompt to install Anaconda, which states that it will be downloaded under licenses provided by Anaconda Inc. Given that Anaconda's licenses were free before 2020 but have since become paid, does this mean current installations require separate licenses from Anaconda?

The Microsoft documentation for SQL Server indicates that the Python open-source license agreement covers Anaconda and related tools ("On the Consent to Install Python page, select Accept > Next. The Python open-source license agreement also covers Anaconda and related tools, plus some new Python libraries from the Microsoft development team"). Additionally, the Azure Machine Learning page mentions that "Microsoft is licensed to include packages from Anaconda and make these available to our customers" (Anaconda licensing - Azure Machine Learning | Microsoft Learn).


Could you please confirm whether a separate Anaconda license needs to be purchased if Anaconda is installed through SQL Server installation, or if it is covered under Microsoft's license agreement?

Does this also apply to Visual Studio Installations?

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