Cannot repoint "SQL Server Management Studio" directory

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When starting SQL Server Management Studio, a directory gets created at "C:\Users\<myuserid>\Documents\SQL Server Management Studio", and I can find no way to point it somewhere else. 


I initially set "Tools / Options / Projects and Solutions / Locations / Projects location" in SSMS to a new location, thinking that this was the right config value to change.  But even after setting it to a new location, a directory still gets created at "C:\Users\<myuserid>\Documents\SQL Server Management Studio".


I also searched the Registry and found "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQL Server Management Studio\18.0_IsoShell_Config\DefaultProjectsLocation".  Changing that key seemed to work for one SSMS restart, but after starting SSMS a second time, the key got reset by something back to "C:\Users\<myuserid>\Documents\SQL Server Management Studio", and the directory got created there.


How do I move "C:\Users\<myuserid>\Documents\SQL Server Management Studio" to a different location?

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