Cannot connect to SSRS from SSMS

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I just install SSRS 2017 Reporting Service and have configure Report Server from Report Server Configuration Manager. 

Report Server Status is Started, mode is Native.

I have setup all necessary setting like Service account, Web Service URL, Database, and Web Portal URL.


I can access Web portal URL from my browser, but I cannot connect through SSMS.

My SSMS version is 15.0.18338.0


Looking at Registered Server, I can see the Reporting Services with the same name as the one set in Report Server Configuration Manager. But still every time I want to connect, after key in the Server name -> <Myservername>\ReportServer2017 (which is my report server name as in Configuration Manager), eror saying Cannot connect to <Myservername>\ReportServer2017, REporting Services instance could not be found.


Anyone can advice what is wrong ?


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Different to database engine you have to use the Report Server URL as Servername, in your case



@olafhelper I had the same issue and tried to connect with the URL http://servername/reportserver_PBIRS (Where PBIRS is the instance name for my Reporting server). I also tried but no luck. I am able to access the URL from the browser but not through SSMS. 

Report Server Mode: Native

Instance ID: PBIRS


Am I missing anything?

@VoltesDev Were you able to resolve this issue?