Can we create multiple database in SQL server standard always on

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Can we create multiple database in SQL server standard always on ?

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Yes, of course you can.
but one thing you need to remember is that you can only make 1 database in 1 ag group
you n databases need n ag group. additionally you need to implement trigger these ag groups automatically when failover event occured.

wWhat is the means of triggers, is it like that for multiple db i have to create multi AG then i have to stablish trigger between all AG incase of failover@mcdasa 

your sql-server could do failover automatically for one ag group.
41074 is an event id of which failover event is occured in sql server.
So you make agent job and add alert(trigger) for eventid 41074
also add "ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP [your_other_ag_group] FAILOVER'" for that job.

i hope this will help you.
you can google it with following keyword "41074","sql server","ag", "failover"

Thanks mcdasa with your response.

My application is using at a time 3 db and if i do failover for one Ag that time my application will not be start automatically in failover because one AG contain one db and i have created three AG for 3 DB due to standard version of SQL.


what i am saying is that trigger other ag groups(not ag group contains listener) to failover through SQL Server Agent Job.


Here is the article about adding alert where HA events occured

Configure SQL Server Alerts and Notifications for AlwaysOn Availability Groups (


and you can add these alerts as a execute condition of agent job which includes failover scripts of other ag groups.