Can't delete memory optimized tables

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Hey everyone!

We have a problem that is unsolvable for us. I hope that someone has already had this case or has enough expertise to find a solution for it.

We did a reallocation of de databasefiles (.mdf) and the logfiles (.ldf). We wanted to split all databasefiles to a datadrive and all logfiles to a logdrive.

Apparently some days later one specific database reached the Suspect-mode:


We were able to get the database back online through creating a new database with the existing logfile and databasefile.


Apparently some of the tables are memory-optimized and no longer work.

We have to delete these specific memory optimized tables, but we were not able to do that:



We tried everything, even restoring the missing "memory optimized db" files:


Dropping the mem_opt_filegroup first also fails (seems to happen because the mem_opt_filegroup is a restore from 3 months ago):



As a side info, I am on a restore in an isolated environment.

Thank you in advance for any support.

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