Can i connect to same SQL Server instance from 2 different systems in 2 different locations ?

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I have 2 different systems which are located in 2 different locations and i have developer SQL instance configured in one computer which has static IP address.

One computer, we can call it as C1 for example is connected to Wifi with static IP address(this is the computer where the actual instance/data files are present) and the other computer, we can call it as C2 for example is connected to my mobile hotspot.

Now can i connect C1 using C2 machine which are totally on different networks ? If yes, how can i connect ?

I tried to connect using tcp:<computer name>,port but i was only successful only when both are on same network.

TCP/Ip pipes are enabled with default port as 1433. Can anyone help me here?

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@ChinnaNarendar , that's a bit less on informations.

In common you can, if everything is setup the right way and with setup I mean more network the SQL Server.

If the server are e.g. in different IP subnet, then you need a routing between

TCP/IP addressing and subnetting - Windows Client | Microsoft Learn


If they are in different domain and you want to use Windows auth to logon to SQL Server, the domain must be trusted = forrest.