Bacpac file taking a really long time to import

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I exported my db from Azure and trying to import into my local SQL, and it is taking a really long time. Going on 14 hours and it is not completed. 

The bacpac file size is 500Mb. The extracted size is over 10Gb and the local db file size is 1.5Gb.


The comand I am running: SqlPackage.exe /a:import /sf:C:\Temp\Prod2Dev_011720.bacpac /tsn:localhost /tdn:Prod2Dev /p:CommandTimeout=0


In the past this took less than a few hours to complete. I can see the actions that are happening and it is moving in bursts, such as deleting indexes zip by then it stops for ~30 seconds and then zips b y again.

In the past this has always zoomed by in the command window.


What can be done to determine what going on here and get this to run a bit faster?


I did restart on a different server with the /diagnostics on and it is stuck on the actions:

Creating deployment plan

Initializing deployment

Microsoft.Data.Tools.Diagnostics.Tracer Verbose: 1 : 2020-01-17T10:41:38 : Entering ExtensionTypeLoader.LoadTypes().




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