Attempted to perform an unauthorised operation error when installing SQL Express

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Hello, I'm a consultant installing a data management system for a client. The first step is installing the database engine which is SQL Express. I'm installing SQL Express 2014 SP1.


I've never had this error before on other computers, but every time I try to install SQL Express on this particular client's computer, I get an error at the end which says "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation", the installed then finishes, and on the summary screen, the database engine part of the installation has failed.


I've googled this error and tried several steps such as:


- Ensuring local administrator is logged on and had full rights

- Starting the SWL steup.exe as administrator

- Having the installation files located on local drives rather than network.


The client's PC is a Windows 10 Pro machine


Kind regards


Prasad Bhonsule

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