Alternatives to xp_logininfo

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My Network team is upgrading the companies LDAP servers from 2012 to 2016. There are now two 2012 LDAP servers and two 2016 LDAP servers servicing the network.


Now my ETL processes that use xp_logininfo fail if the xp_logininfo hits one of the 2016 LDAP servers. 


EXEC xp_logininfo '\group-name', 'members'

(5 row(s) affected)

Msg 15404, Level 16, State 4, Procedure xp_logininfo, Line 43 [Batch Start Line 0]

Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user '\group-name', error code 0x5.


Running a "net user" request from the command  reveals that the 2016 LDAP servers return with 'access denied' while the 2012 LDAP servers continue to work.


C:\Users\admin.user>net group /domain group-name
The request will be processed at a domain controller for domain
System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied.


Has anyone encountered this issue? If so, any workarounds?


Is there a specific LDAP configuration that I need to request my Network team to implement?


Any help would be appreciated.


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