Activity monitor - sql queryies behind

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I need to find the sql queries behind Activity monitor in SSMS  so I can edit a bit. Some ideas how to find these?

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@acim9090 , that's easy, use SQL Server Profiler to trace all SQL statements send from SSMS to SQL Server.


But not all base on query result, e.g. CPU/MEM diagram uses WMI queries to get the values.



Thank you @olafhelper . This is actually good idea, will try. 

@olafhelper, Any idea why I can't run the store proc?

USE tempdb;
EXEC #am_generate_waitstats

Could not find stored procedure '#am_generate_waitstats'.

Context in ssms is tempdb, where I found this store proc.


Every object (table, SP) with a name starting with # is a local temporary object and can only be accessed with in the session where the temp object was created.


Example: In SSMS open 2 query windows, in one you create a temp table with

create table #test (id int null);
insert into #test (id) values (1);

And now try to query the temp table in the second query window, like


select * from #test;

You get the same error message.