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Morning group,  I am trying to find a good conference for 2020 that will be good for an "involuntary DBA".  I am a novice at SQL and SSRS, and looking to advance my knowledge in both.  Any ideas on some good ones would be greatly appreciated.  

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Have you tried the free courses on Microsoft Learn ?
is it more specifik the SSRS part you are interested in or basic SQL ?

Both in reality.  I have not have prior training on either until my work went to a new system.  I was kind of voluntold to be in charge of the reporting part.



Gratulations on the new tasks..

Some videos to get you started:
a part of
there you will get a lot of good advise..
regarding a specific conference.. i think you should look for a local SQL User group or alike for advise
- Hope that helps you on the path ;)



I recognize that this post is quite old but I didn't see an answer to the original question and if nothing else this may be useful to other searchers. 


Your top choices for SQL Server content at conferences are the PASS Summit and/or SQLIntersections.   The PASS Summit is in the fall and Intersections is twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  I have spoken at both events multiple times and have been attending the PASS conference since 2002.  


In terms of the difference, if you're looking for a lot of breadth and big sessions, PASS is the better of the two.  The advantage of Intersections is that because it is smaller, there is more time for 1:1 time with speakers and other attendees, etc.  It is also co-located with several other conferences so if you think you might be interested in content outside of the SQL Server realm that is a benefit too.


Lastly, PASS also has many smaller events both online and in person.  SQL Saturday's are free training events held on Saturday's all over the world.  I and/or other members of my team speak at them often.