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First published on MSDN on Jun 19, 2014

Some of you may have seen a list of links that pop up when opening a case through our Microsoft support site. These resources are internally referred to as solution assets and are meant to be top bets for the problem category and are aimed at helping you solve the problems on your own.

We keep these updated on a regular basis especially for the top problem categories. The content is curated with help of our experts and based on support incident data. Currently these resources are only shown during case creation process except for the top 5 categories. For the top 5 categories these are also shared and maintained at the following blog:

· Top Support Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

· Top Support Solutions for SQL Server 2008

Note: During case creation process only the top 3 are shown by default and the rest can be seen by clicking Show More . The blog links above does show the expanded list of these resources for top 5 categories.

For example here are the top solutions for various AlwaysOn problems:

KB articles:

1. Troubleshooting AlwaysOn availability databases in a "recovery pending" or "suspect" state in S...

2. Troubleshooting automatic failover problems in SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn environments

3. Troubleshooting AlwaysOn availability group listener creation in SQL Server 2012

4. Time-out error and you cannot connect to a SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn availability group listener...

5. "General Network error," "Communication link failure," or "A transport-level error" message whe...

6. Cannot create a high-availability group in Microsoft SQL Server 2012

7. Voting nodes are not available when you try to use AlwaysOn availability groups in SQL Server 2...

8. How to restore a replica to the primary role after the quorum is lost in SQL Server 2012

9. You experience slow synchronization between primary and secondary replicas in SQL Server 2012 ...

Blog posts

1. Create Listener Fails with Message 'The WSFC cluster could not bring the Network Name resource ...

2. SQL Server 2012 - True Black Box Recorder - CSS SQL Server ...

3. Connecting to Availability Group Listener in Hybrid IT

Books Online

· AlwaysOn Availability Groups Troubleshooting and Monitoring Guide

Team blogs

1. Always On support team’s blog

2. SQL AlwaysOn Product Team’s Blog

Forums :

· SQL Server High availability and Disaster Recovery forum

As always please share any feedback you may have around these links. You can also refer to the following links for additional information and for finding more top solutions for other SQL topics and other Microsoft products:

· Top Solutions from Microsoft Support

· Microsoft Top Solutions app for Windows 8

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