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First published on MSDN on Feb 17, 2010

I’m very excited to be invited back to speak at the SQL European PASS Summit 2010 being held in Neuss, Germany April 21-23rd 2010.

This is my 4th PASS Summit to speak in Europe and my 3rd year in a row to speak at the location in Neuss. I always enjoy this conference because of the ability to meet many people in a more 1:1 setting.

As in past years, I’ll be presenting a day-long Pre-Conference Seminar. But unlike past years, I’ll be presenting a new topic I have not done at the previous US PASS Conference. This seminar, SQL Server Internal Tools for the DBA , will be a fast-paced, demo-filled look at features and tools that have an internal focus on the database engine that can help any DBA with their SQL Server environment. This list of tools includes but not limited to:

Extended Events
Windows Tools such as Windbg, xperf, and SysInternals
Using Powershell with SQL Server
Unlocking internals of Dynamic Management Views and SQL Server Metadata
Trace Flags, Registry Keys, sp_configure, startup parameters, and DBCC
Internal tools for deployment of SQL Server
Internal  tools for performance
Internal tools for Service Broker
Internal tools used for advanced data recovery
Internal tools for High Availability including Database Mirroring and Failover Clustering

There might even be a few new tools you have never seen before I’ll unveil at this talk! If you attend this you will receive a DVD will all of the scripts, demos, and tools presented during the talk.

I’m also very excited to announce that my colleague Adam Saxton from CSS will be there as well for a day long pre-conference seminar on SQL Server Reporting Services. Adam is one of our leading experts on SSRS in CSS and brings a dynamic personality to talk about SSRS. His talk, Tackling Top Reporting Services Issues , was well received at the US PASS Summit last November. If you have to manage an SSRS installation including Sharepoint integration you will want to attend this talk. This seminar is very practical and will teach you things you can apply directly to your job in managing or developing an SSRS deployment. In addition, Adam will be including new material that talks about new features for SSRS in SQL Server 2008 R2.

Our involvement with the conference doesn’t stop there. Both of us will be presenting main conference spotlight session talks:

Adam will be presenting a talk on Kerberos and SQL Server. Kerberos affects many aspects of a SQL Server deployment across multiple products and Adam will talk about how you can effectively resolve issues that may come up with deployment of Kerberos in your SQL Server environment.

I’ll be providing an internally focused talk on SQL Server Wait Types which was rated in the top 10 talks at the US conference. As a DBA, ever see a wait type such as SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD and wonder what this means? How does this effect your application? I’ll be talking about plenty of examples like this, what they mean, and how you can you take action or in some cases know not to take any action. As always, plenty of demos, very fast-paced, and a debugger usually shows up somewhere in the talk.

CSS involvement doesn’t even stop there. As we did last year, we will also provide experts at something we call the SQL Server Clinic. Adam, myself, other CSS engineers from Europe, and members of the SQL Customer Advisory Team will be available to talk to you one-on-one to discuss your problems and challenges deploying and maintaining SQL Server products.

It should be a packed 3 full days of talks and discussions about SQL Server. The Europe PASS folks have plenty in store for this conference including an official launch of SQL Server 2008 R2.

See you in Germany at the PASS Summit in April!

Bob Ward

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