The Future of SQL Server Express Installation and Voting with Microsoft Connect
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First published on MSDN on Sep 08, 2009

The SQL Product team that owns setup is looking to improve the SQL Express installation experience including application developers who look to embed SQL Server Express with the install of their application.

Peter Saddow is a Program Manager on this team and he and I go way back (Peter was the primary owner of hotfix releases way back in the 7.0 days when I first met him). Peter has created two URL links for you to complete a survey to help shape feedback for SQL Server Express Setup for SQL Server 2008 R2 and future releases. If you want to participate in these surveys go to these links:

If you have general feedback about SQL Server Express setup go here:

If you are a developer and have specific feedback on the embedded SQL Server Express installation experience go here:

These surveys are linked to the Microsoft Connect website . This system is where most Microsoft Product teams get direct feedback from customers on product features, enhancements, and “what I wish for” type of ideas. You can also file bugs here you find without having to contact Microsoft CSS. All it requires is setting up a Windows Live account. One of the features I like about Connect is that you get to “vote” on existing items. So if you really want to push for a bug fix, idea, or feature, make your case, gather support from the community and have everyone vote on the idea.

I have seen some good and bad opinions on this site but I can tell you from personal experience the product teams do listen to this feedback. Any connect entry is automatically filed as a “bug” at Microsoft and the product teams are required to respond to every one of them. Furthermore, don’t think that you have to wait for an entire new release to see something happen. Some connect items are considered in SQL Server for Service Packs, depending on their complexity, risk, etc. The direct link for SQL Server is

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