SQL Server 2008 Ring Buffer Entries
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Subject: Ring Buffers in SQL2008

Hi, do you have any documentation/white papers/examples about extended dmv’s or ring buffers in SQL2008?

select distinct ring_buffer_type from sys.dm_os_ring_buffers


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Nothing that I would consider advanced.

  • Each can have multiple message types.

  • The message types are XML formatted so you can see the various data points.

  • The ring buffers are included in the mini-dumps to help in troubleshooting to get a better idea of current and lead-up state.

RING_BUFFER_RESOURCE_MONITOR - Resource Monitor activity like was physical memory pressure signaled or not.
RING_BUFFER_SCHEDULER_MONITOR  - What is the state of the logical schedulers, the health record type is very helpful.
RING_BUFFER_MEMORY_BROKER  - Actions the internal memory broker is taking to balance the memory between caches.
RING_BUFFER_SECURITY_ERROR  - Errors that occur during security operations.  Ex: login failed may have more details about the OS error code and such
RING_BUFFER_SCHEDULER - Actual scheduler activity such as context switching.  You can reconstruct the execution order from these entries.
RING_BUFFER_EXCEPTION - Any exceptions encountered in the server.  SQL uses throw internally for errors so you can see SQL errors as well.
RING_BUFFER_CONNECTIVITY - Core connectivity information - useful in tracking down connection failure information




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