SQL Nexus 6.0 is released to github
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First published on MSDN on Jul 26, 2017

With codeplex shutting down, we have moved SQL Nexus to github with a new release (6.0).   Now both Pssdiag/SQLDiag manager and SQL Nexus are on github.

Where to get it

As you navigate to SQL Nexus , you can download code and released binary files.

If you choose to download binary files, you can go to releases and download the zip file.

Feature improvement and bug fixes

Complete release notes is at https://github.com/Microsoft/SqlNexus/wiki/SQL-Nexus-

Major rules added
  1. warn if change table is used because it can cause high cpu
  2. warn if “access check” configuration is not set correctly because it can cause high CPU
  3. warn if attention occurs and involves in blocking
  4. warn if there are major gaps detected in perf stats script run
  5. warn presence of TF 1222
Major fixes
  1. not all trace flags apply to aall versions. This fix will raise warning based on version
  2. removed limit report times out at 60 seconds
  3. change nexus DB recovery to simple
  4. provides warning if you have both .xel and .trc files captured (import will fail)

Reporting issues

You can also report issues and do pull requests directly from the website.  We will monitor issues.  If you do a pull request, we will review and decide to merge

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