RS, SharePoint and Forefront UAG Series – Part 3 (Power Pivot Gallery - Silverlight)
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First published on MSDN on Apr 23, 2014

Part 1 – Intro
Part 2 – Operational Reports (Classic RDL Reports)
Part 3 – Power Pivot Gallery (Silverlight) (you are here)
Part 4 – Export a Power View Report to PowerPoint

The last post really went into the meat of the issue that we had.  After that, we found that when trying to go to the Power Pivot Gallery, it showed a blank white screen instead of the actual item list. Basically the Silverlight control wasn’t loading. The issue here was that the default filters within UAG were not allowing the XAP file (Silverlight) to pass through.  The incoming request was effectively being rejected.

This was corrected by creating a URL Set within the Forefront Unified Access Gateway Management.  When you go to your connect, you can click on Configure under Trunk Configuration.

Once in the Advanced Trunk Configuration, for your connection, you can go to the URL Set Tab. There you can click on “Add Primary” and add the following:

  • Give it a name
  • Change Action to Accept
  • Provide the expression for the URL that you want to accept.  For ours, we added the following:

  • We had se the Allowed Methods to the following:


After this was done, the Power Pivot Gallery came up with no issues.  You may be asking what about the Power View Silverlight control.  It wasn’t affected by UAG and worked as expected.  A specific rule for the Power View XAP was not needed for our deployment.  However, if you encounter an issue with Power View, you can follow a similar approach.

Web Application Proxy (WAP)

This was mentioned in the Intro and in the 2nd post.  With the WAP deployment, no additional configuration changes were needed, and the Power Pivot Gallery just worked.  It is again a much cleaner option to use.

Adam W. Saxton | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services

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