RS Content Types and SharePoint 2010
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First published on MSDN on May 11, 2010

When creating a new document library within SharePoint you have a few options.  You can just create a new Document Library, or you can go to More Options and choose Report Library.

When you choose Report Library, by default, it will allow you to create a report, but still will not have all of the Reporting Services Content Types.  If you go to the Library Settings, you will then have an option to add the Content Types.

However, if you choose a regular Document Library and go to Library Settings, you’ll notice that you don’t have an option for Content Types.  To get the Content Types area to appear in Library Settings, you’ll need to go to Advanced Settings within Library Settings and allow for management of content types.  This should be the first setting within Advanced Settings.

Once that is enabled, you will be able to add the Reporting Services Content Types to a regular Document Library.

Of Note, with SharePoint 2010 and the 2008 R2 Add-In, if you create a site with the Template of “Business Intelligence Center” through the Central Admin, we will default the Reporting Services Content Types to on for the “Site Collection Documents” Library.  Any new Libraries will still need to go through the steps above to get the Reporting Services Content Types enabled.

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