Reporting Services: What’s my version?
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First published on MSDN on Sep 29, 2009

I was working on a case where I needed to try something on different Cumulative Updates (CU) to see what the result was in each.  Let me outline the version numbers for the Service Pack 1 release we have to date.

Release Version Number
SQL 2008 RTM 10.00.1600
SQL 2008 SP1 10.00.2531
SP1 Cumulative Update 1 10.00.2710
SP1 Cumulative Update 2 10.00.2714
SP1 Cumulative Update 3 10.00.2723
SP1 Cumulative Update 4 10.00.2734

After I had installed both CU1 and CU2, I noticed the following when I browsed to http://<server>/ReportServer.

When I looked at the RS Server Log, I found the following:

This made me think that the CU did not apply.  However, when connecting to my SQL Engine on the same box via Management Studio, I see the following

This is the CU2 version.  The CU did apply.  So, why is the ReportServer page and the Log file indicating the SP1 base build number of 2531?  It is currently picking up the version number from ReportingServicesService.exe.  In the case of CU1 and CU2, the actual ReportingServicesService.exe file was not updated.  Only associated files were updated as part of that patch.  However, for CU3 and CU4 the EXE was updated.

You might be asking what the right approach is to determine your version of Reporting Services.  And, if you call Support, the one of the things we are going to want to know if what Version you currently have.  We typically look at the Report Server Page and the RS Logs to get that information.  The current exception to this would be if it shows the base SP1 version, in which case we will need to check some other files to validate that you are really on SP1 or on a CU.

This is not the most ideal situation, but that is what is needed currently if you are looking for your version number.  Also be aware that even though CU3 and CU4 display the correct version, that doesn’t mean that CU5 will have the EXE updated.  The CU Articles list the file changes for that given patch.

If you don’t see this listed in the CU KB Article, then that means it was not updated and your version display will not be accurate from the Report Server Page or the log file.

NOTE: Another caveat to this is Management Studio when connection to Reporting Services.  Currently it still displays the RTM version number (10.00.1600) and should NOT but used to determine the version of Reporting Services on your Server.

Adam W. Saxton | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services

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