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First published on MSDN on Apr 01, 2010

What do these two subjects have in common? The SQL Server product team is currently developing an update to the SQL Server Management Pack specifically designed for System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1. There are several enhancements and fixes in this update to the SQL Management Pack and it is due to release to the web in Q3 of this calendar year 2010.

This team approached myself and others in CSS and asked us to review what “database corruption” errors were being alerted as part of the management pack and whether the advice given matched that of CSS. What we found was let’s say “room for improvement”. A colleague of mine at CSS and a contributor to this blog Suresh Kandoth and I reviewed what errors were being evaluated and the recommendations. We cleaned these up to match what the code looks like for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. We also decided that some of the recommendations and internals about some of these corruption errors needed a refresh.

Therefore, in anticipation of this release, we published today a set of KB articles that provides a concise view of how CSS believes customers should troubleshoot these errors with some interesting facts and internals about them. I’ve listed here a link to all of the articles. These links actually will come up as recommendations for more information if you encounter an Operations Manager alert for the error when the new SQL Management Pack is available. However, we wrote these articles so they could be used by anyone who may encounter these errors whether as seen in the Event Log, ERRORLOG, or by an application. We believe we can expand even further on these and provide more information on each of them, but this is our first pass at providing our recommendations:

How to troubleshoot a Msg 823 error in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Msg 824 in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Msg 832 (constant page has changed) in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot database consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECKB

How to troubleshoot Error 3414 and a failed database recovery with SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Error 17204 and 17207 in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Error 9004 in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Msg 7105 in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Msg 5180 in SQL Server

How to troubleshoot Msg 605 with SQL Server

We feel these errors represent the most common scenarios seen by customers for database corruption and database recovery. If you have a particular error or scenario you think is common let us know and we can investigate covering it. Look for the “How to troubleshoot…” title as a common way of finding these. I’m also investigating in the future how perhaps we can add the right wording to the articles so they can be seen as a group when searching on the web.

We would love to hear your feedback if you believe there is anything incorrect or something that needs clarification. Please send them to removed

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