How It Works: SQLIOSim [Audit Users] and .INI Control File Sections with User Count Options
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First published on MSDN on Aug 19, 2008

The Page Audit User is one of the main execution paths for data integrity checking.   SQLIOSim runs test cycles and during each test cycle the [Audit User] section of the .INI configuration file is used.  These workers perform various page audit actives.

After the cycle completes SQLIOSim creates audit users, per CPU to perform integrity checks for every page.   This might not be possible during the test cycle duration and occurs during a known file state.  The [Audit User] section of the .INI control file does not control the audit user activity outside the test cycle.

Sections with UserCount Option


The following table outlines the SQLIOSim behavior for UserCount settings.

UserCount Value Behavior
-1 SQLIOSim sets the user count based on a CPU count formula.
0 SQLIOSim honors, no users of type created during the test cycle.

Not recommended.  Disabling users can result in reduced data integrity checks.
Specified > 0 Honored by SQLIOSim as long as the value remains in a valid range.
Delete the Section or Value SQLIOSim assumes -1 behavior.

I Deleted the Entire [Audit User] Section and It Comes Back

SQLIOSIM.COM  (Command line requires -save to update the config file) -cfg c:\temp\config.ini -save c:\temp\

SQLIOSIM.exe  (GUI - Files and Configuration Dialog allows Load another config file)


When you click the OK button the configuration file is updated with the information from the dialog, including the defaults which includes the calculated Audit Users.

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