Helpful Hint: Making Review of a Query Plan Easier
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First published on MSDN on Jun 17, 2008

I think we all have looked at the output of statistics profile and wished the Estimated Rows and Estimated Executions columns were placed beside the Rows and Executes columns.  Well, they can be.

In grid mode you simply drag the columns beside each other.

If the output is in text mode the Visual Studio Editor provides the ATL+LEFT MOUSE column selection capability.   Since SQL Server Management Studio is hosted in this shell you can hold down the ALT key while using the mouse to select a column of data.

Here is what the column selection look like.  Instead of a word or a row highlighted you can select the same column positions vertically in the text data.

After the data is highlighted you can copy and paste it next to the rows.

Bob Dorr
SQL Server Senior Escalation Engineer

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