Ack! Where the heck did Azure Reporting and Data Sync go??!?!
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First published on MSDN on Nov 14, 2012

As you might have noticed, we have been moving more and more of our portal functionality to the new HTML5 portal, plus all of our new features are showing up there and not in the original Silverlight portal. Unfortunately, we are stuck for some period of time where some of the features and functionality are not replicated to the HTML5 portal.

Unfortunately, Azure Reporting and Data Sync are currently in that scenario. I expect them both to move to the HTML5 portal in the near future, but in the meantime I have heard from a number of folks that they cannot find either one, so I wanted to share some screenshots to help you find them.

First, here is the new portal that you will see when you first log in:

At this point, you can see that there is no obvious way to get back to the Silverlight portal. I even have to admit that it took me about ten minutes of poking around the new interface to find it. The trick is to click on your login in the upper right-hand corner. This will then drop down a menu on the right-hand side of the screen that looks like this:

The key here is to notice the “Previous Portal” link I have highlighted. Click on that and then you will end up back and the Silverlight portal where you can still see Azure Reporting.

Since we haven’t disabled any of the old functionality, you can still do all the things you used to be able to do there (edit your databases, create Azure deployments, etc.), but I would highly recommend you do the bare minimum in this portal. All of our bug fixes and improvements are targeted at the HTML5 portal and you will have a better overall experience in the new portal.

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