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First published on MSDN on Aug 06, 2011

Today’s post is from Ranjeeta Nanda, a Software Development Engineer in Test on the SSIS team. This post describes the new “Integration Services Import Project Wizard” project type in BIDS in Denali.


By now, you know that SSIS now has IS Projects that are saved on the disc in the form of .ispac files. These are zipped files that contain all the packages in the project, and shared connection managers, project parameters etc. together. You can very easily pass these .ispac files to another member in the team, or can open them in another machine. To help you with that, we have an Integration Services Import Project Wizard.

When you choose a New Project from BIDS, under Integration Services you will see a new Project type called Integration Services Import Project Wizard.

When you choose this option, on the next step, you will see the new Wizard called the “Integration Services Import Project Wizard”.

The wizard lets you choose the location of the project file (.ispac) from the file system.

You could also choose to import from a project that is already deployed to a server

On the next step, the wizard will load and validate the project file

If the project is validated successfully, it will show a summary of what it is going to import next.

On clicking the Import button at this stage will import the project in BIDS

You can then view all the contents of the project in BIDS. This will include all packages, connection managers, project connection managers, Project parameters etc.

This is an easy way for developers to share their projects with each other by just sending out a single file in the form of .ispac. It also enables developers to import back projects from server back to BIDS.

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