SSIS Training in the UK – SQLBits 9
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I’m really excited to be presenting at SQLBits 9 in September! The conference will be full of great SSIS content, and I wanted to call out the training opportunity available at the pre conference (on September 29th).

There will be two full day training seminars related to SSIS – one for beginners , and one for intermediate to advanced users.

A Day of SSIS with Andy Leonard

A Day of SSIS was developed by Andy Leonard to train technology professionals in the fine art of using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to build data integration and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solutions. The training is focused around lectures and emphasizes a practical approach.
Target Audience
The target audience for this training is database professionals, application developers, and business intelligence practitioners interested in acquiring or expanding their existing SSIS skill set.
No experience with SQL Server or SQL Server Integration Services is required before attending this training. It is helpful (but not required) that students possess some knowledge of and experience with relational databases. SQL Server knowledge / experience will be more helpful than experience and knowledge with other technologies.
Training Objectives
At the conclusion of the training, attendees will have been exposed to:

    Using SSIS to develop data integration solutions.
    Using SSIS to load a database table.
    Troubleshooting real-world SSIS Data Flow Task errors.
    Deploying SSIS Solutions.
    Managing, monitoring, and administering SSIS in the enterprise

Training Summary

Lesson 0: Introduction

  • Training overview, expectations, and introductions.

Lesson 1: Creating Your First SSIS package

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence Development Studio. Visual Studio tips and tricks, menu contents and locations.

Lesson 2: Introduction to the Data Flow Task

  • Introduction to the Data Flow Task. Connection Manager and Data Flow Task basics - source and destination adapters.

Lesson 3: The Control Flow

  • Containers, Precedence, and Work flow.
  • Transactions, restart-ability, and blocking.

Lesson 4: Loop Containers

  • Using Sequence, For Loop, and Foreach Loop Containers.

Lesson 5: Event Handlers, Logging, and Configurations

  • The OnError and OnInformation event handlers.
  • Using SSIS’s built-in logging facility to capture package execution details and statistics.
  • Using built-in package configurations to externalize variable values.

Lesson 6: Security, Deployment, and Execution

  • SSIS Package deployment options and security implications.
  • Execution options.

Lesson 7: ETL Design Patterns

  • Leveraging less-documented features of SSIS along with the Parent-Child design pattern to achieve “hands-free” custom logging and creative custom configuration. ETL Instrumentation.
  • Enterprise Execution Patterns
  • Leveraging the Parent-Child design pattern to build a metadata-driven SSIS execution engine.

SSIS Performance Design Patterns with Matt Masson

Need a fast data integration solution, but don't have the time or budget for heavy performance tuning? By selecting the right design, 90% of SSIS customers will achieve their ETL performance goals with little to no performance tuning. This session will teach you how to pick that design! Targeted at intermediate to advanced SSIS users, Matt Masson - a developer on the SSIS team - will guide you through a series of proven SSIS design patterns, and teach you how to apply them to solve many common ETL problems. We’ll start off with an overview of the Data Flow internals, and review the SQLCAT team’s Top Ten Best Practices for achieving optimal performance. We’ll then dive into a series of design patterns, including Advanced Lookup Patterns, Parallel Processing, Avoiding Transactions, handling Late Arriving Facts and multiple ways to process Slowly Changing Dimensions. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your SSIS ROI, then you won’t want to miss this!

Training Summary

09:30 Data Flow Internals + Benchmarking

10:30 -- Break --

10:45 Performance Best Practices

12:00 -- Lunch –

13:15 Common Patterns

14:00 Lookup Patterns

14:45 -- Break –

15:00 Parallelization Patterns

16:00 -- Break –

16:15 Advanced Patterns

17:00 -- End --

You can see the full list of all day sessions here , and booking information here .

Hope to see you there!

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