SSIS sessions at Tech·Ed 2010 in New Orleans
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First published on MSDN on Apr 14, 2010

I’m really looking forward to presenting at Tech·Ed again this year! As you probably already know, the Microsoft BI Conference is happening at the same time / place, which means the conference will have even more BI content than it usually does.

I’m currently signed up to present a break out session:

BIE302 | Beyond Scripting: Developing Reusable Extensions for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

Have you written scripts for your ETL process that you find particularly useful? Do you find yourself frequently cutting and pasting code between SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages? There is a better way! Join this session to learn more about scripting in SSIS for SQL Server 2008, and how to extend the ETL platform. Learn why developing custom extensions is easier than it sounds, and the steps to make your script code reusable.

And an interactive (chalk talk) session:

BIE13-INT | Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Performance Design Patterns

Need a fast data integration solution, but don't have the time or budget for heavy performance tuning? Come learn how to maximize your ROI by applying trusted design patterns to your Integration Services packages. We talk about how to set performance expectations, and how to put together a simple framework to record benchmarks for your ETL process. We go over the basics of smart package design, and then look at a number of design patterns for common data warehousing problems, such as Slowly Changing Dimension processing, Range Lookups, and Change Detection.

I’m told that the chalk talks are a little different this year – instead of being done in a sectioned off area of the product pavilion, they will have their own rooms. This is definitely a format I prefer. You get more people wandering by in the pavilion, and it’s easy to go over and talk to the product team afterwards, but it can also be really loud, which makes discussion difficult.

The SSIS team has also been invited to participate in the BI Power Hour , which is always a lot of fun. We’re currently cooking up some demos – perhaps we’ll even show off some of the vNext stuff we’ve been working on.

Another member of the SSIS team, Jeff Bernhardt, will be giving a talk about Microsoft DI/ETL solutions:

BIE202 | Data Integration at Microsoft: Technologies and Solution Patterns

There are many reasons to contemplate data integration: constructing a data warehouse, achieving master data management, getting synchronization and consistency, system migration or consolidation, and B2B data acquisition and sharing. At the same time, there are several technical approaches to solving these problems: Bulk or batch movement, federated queries, replication and message or event orient movement. Microsoft offers many products and features that can solve parts of these problems with specific technologies: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Service Broker, SQL Server Replication, Distribute Query, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and Master Data Services. Taken as a whole, Microsoft products can solve your data integration problems but no single product or feature can solve all of them. This session gives an overview of these problem types, the technology choices, the Microsoft products, and helps you think about what products to use in which situations and especially in which combination to make data integration a reality.

From the session list it looks like there are a lot of different talks that will touch on SSIS, and I saw two others that focus on SSIS specifically (both from Brian Knight ):

BIE06-INT | Data Cleansing with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

In this session, learn how to cleanse your data and apply business rules to your data in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Learn how to solve complex data problems quickly in SSIS using simple techniques in the data flow. We start by showing you an easy package to bring you up to speed with SSIS; then show how to use transforms to satisfy common scenarios in the industry.

BIE17-INT | Performance Tuning Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

In this demo-rich presentation, learn some of the common and not so common ways to tune SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Learn how to tune the data flow using some of the advanced SSIS options and how to avoid common SSIS mistakes. See how to measure performance and how to keep SSIS from monopolizing your server's resourcing. Lastly, discover SQL Server 2008 features that will make SSIS more efficient.

Hope to see you there!

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