Microsoft Connector for Teradata for SQL Server 2019 is released
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Microsoft Connector for Teradata is the replacement of Attunity Teradata Connector starting from SQL Server 2019 and now it is released for preview. Microsoft Connector for Teradata provides compatibility with Attunity Teradata Connector in functionality and performance. Packages designed with Attunity Teradata Connector can run with Microsoft Connector for Teradata without any changes.




Teradata ODBC driver and Teradata Parallel Transporter supported versions are installed from Teradata tools and utilities download site. Supported Teradata PT versions are: 

Teradata Parallel Transporter (Teradata PT) 16.10

Teradata Parallel Transporter (Teradata PT) 16.20

Go to document page for more details.


To install the connector for Teradata database, download and run the installer from the latest version of Microsoft connector for Teradata. Then follow the directions in the installation wizard.

After you install the connector, you must restart the SQL Server Integration Service to be sure that the Teradata source and destination works correctly.


Design and execute SSIS packages

Microsoft Connector for Teradata provides similar user experience with Attunity Teradata Connector. User can design new packages based on previous experience, using SSDT for VS 2017 since 15.9.0 or SSIS Projects for VS 2019, with targeting SQL server 2019.

Teradata source and destination are under Common category.


Teradata connection manager is displayed as "TERADATA".



Existing SSIS packages which have been designed with Attunity Teradata Connector will be automatically upgraded to use Microsoft Connector for Teradata. The icons will be changed as well.


To design SSIS package targeting SQL Server 2017 and below, you will need to have Microsoft Connector for Teradata and install Microsoft Connector for Teradata by Attunity with corresponding version from below link:


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