sql server rebuild index task problem

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Hello everybody, sorry for my bad english please.

I have sql server: 2019 (RTM-CU16) 

Indexes in my databases were very fragmented (60- 90 %)

I created and executed rebuild index task:



I executed rebuild index task again and it started rebuilding of all GOOD (0%) indexes in all tables again.

I don't understand why it's happening , fragmentation is about zero percent.

Thank you.

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Indexes in my databases were very fragmented (60- 90 %)

@kastabeg , it's a relative factor, more important are the count of fragmented pages and if it's less then 1000 pages (=8 MB), you can completly ignore it.



thank you, but as you can see at screenshot, i filtered small tables and "good " indexes.
problem is that my task rebuilds huge indexes with zero fragmentation when i start it second time.

Hi @kastabeg 


Please elaborate on how you got the conclusion that the index was rebuild for these small and fragmented tables. What exact query did you use or what source of info?