SQL Server 2019 External Scripts Network Drive Access Denied

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so we are invoking a Python script with the sp_execute_external_script command. Within this Python script, we access files that are located on a network drive (r/w). This works well if the files are located on a local drive and full access for 'ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES' is permitted, but it doesn't work with files located on the network drive.


Does anybody know a way or workaround to access files on a network drive from an external script (Python or R)?

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There is a full discussion and explanation here:


The short answer is that you need to give permission to the account which running the NT Service\MSSQLLaunchpad service. The Launchpad is a service that manages and executes external scripts.


Hi @Ronen_Ariely , thank you for your answer. The discussion you linked was started by me and all the provided solutions were not working for me. It seems that those external script processes don't have the rights to access files on network drives for whatever reason.