Question on creating SQL objects "without using the built in tools".

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Hi everyone!


I am preparing for to take the SQL exam 70-461.  In the study guide, I find the following phrase very confusing: "Create tables (and views) without using the built in tools".  Could anyone kindly clarify what this means?  I intrepret this to mean creating tables and views using SQL scripts.  An online video demonstration of creating a table without using the build in tools, however, shows creating tables and views using SQL Server's menu options.


Any help would be very much appreciated!

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I hope it still works, but I believe this relates to the scope of the exam "Quering" so you would be able to create objects using T_SQL in management studio not just with the "Right click, create table"

Yes, that's what I thought.  It should be as simple as saying:



    Column1 INT,

    FooBar ...



The training videos posted on Youtube confuses me greatly, because they use "Right-click Create table". That appears like a built-in tool to me.


Thanks for answering!