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I connected to the Microsoft site and downloaded the scripts to activate the pubs and NorthWind databases.

pubs was activated but NorthWind was not for SqlServer2017 instnwnd.sql and instpubs.sql.

In instpubs.sql there are CREATE DATABASE which generates the database, in instnwnd.sql no.

can anyone help me?


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I'm assuming you fetched the scripts from here.


The instnwnd.sql script file starts with the following comment:

-- This script does not create a database.
-- Run this script in the database you want the objects to be created.
-- Default schema is dbo.


While not explained in the readme, that would require you have created an empty NorthWind database, and then run this script in that database to fill it.

thank you I was able to install the database NorthWind @SivertSolem