Looking for SQL sessions at Microsoft Ignite?


The Microsoft Tech Community is the official online community for Microsoft Ignite!  Join in conversations about sessions you're excited to attend by clicking here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/forums/filteredbylabelpage/board-id/MicrosoftIgniteContent/la...


These are all of the conversations aligned to each Breakout, each Theater session that cover SQL Server.  This is not an exhaustive list - there is more to come and updates are happening on MyIgnite every day up until the event.  We will be embedding the final decks and recordings here once they are available.

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@Anna Chu 

How do I get permission to view this content?  I get the following error message:


Not sure why you can't access it @Tony Green but try https://aka.ms/TechCommunity/MSIgniteTheTour and applying the SQL filter.

I don't see a SQL filter. :(

Try searching 'SQL' in the 'Search this community' dialog box @Tony Green:


Search the Community.jpg



Can you access the SQL Sessions here.


Hi @Allen ,

Thanks for the response. I can see the list of results using the link you provided.

I checked two first links in the result and got nothing interesting. Using the link that @Anna Chu provided I get the list of recordings.


It's pretty annoying to check the links themselves, because I have to click each link individually -> go to separate page -> check the content -> find out that there is no interesting content like recording or sessions' materials -> return to the search page in order to start all the procedure over with the next link...


* By the way as a result of the way the interface works here, I am not coming here a lot, which is why I missed this year call for speaker (I mean... I got the emails but I forgot to submit on time, partially since I did not see the discussions probably). Usually I just come here when Google point me here for specific search, which is why I came right now as well - and I saw the alert that I have responses. Therefore, I will say in advance that I am sorry if it take me long time to respond.