Released: Public Preview 2 for Version Agnostic SQL Server MP (2012-2017)
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First published on MSDN on Sep 10, 2018
We are adding support in the existing version agnostic SQL Server MP (2017+) to monitor older versions of the server, specifically 2012 through 2016. SQL Server 2008 and R2 end of support is nearing (July 2019) so we will leave monitoring 2008 in its own MP. This is an update to the public preview we released earlier this year ( release blog post ). Please refer to that blog post for that release on the details of planned changes as it involves some naming changes and impacts custom MPs.

Please install and use this public preview and send us your feedback (! We appreciate the time and effort you spend on these previews which make the final product so much better.

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Microsoft System Center Management Pack (Community Technology Preview) for SQL Server
SQL Server 2012+ MP CTP2

  • Added a new property, called “Versions of SQL Server to be excluded”, in “SQL Server on Windows Local DB Engine Discovery” to exclude specified SQL Server versions from being discovered

  • Added the monitor “Database Log Backup Status” to check when the transaction log was last backed up

  • Added the monitor “Database Backup Status” to check the age of the last backup of a replica database

  • Added support for Distributed Availability Groups in SQL Server 2016 and higher

  • Added a monitor and performance rule to watch over the number of VLFs—“Virtual Log File Count” and “DB Virtual Log File Count” respectively

  • Added support for AG Configuration-Only replica in SQL Server on Linux

  • Added additional check in every workflow to make sure that they will not run against an unsupported SQL Server version

  • Improved the way workflows get information on what SQL Server namespaces are available in WMI

  • Updated the monitor “Product Version Compliance” in order to check instances of SQL Server 2012 and higher

  • Updated some display strings

  • Fixed: Focus jumps out of the SCOM console window when opening the Monitoring Wizard

  • Fixed: “DB Engine Seed” discovery doesn't throw an error message when the action account doesn't have enough permissions to access the required keys in Windows Registry

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