More Windows Azure E2E Scripts!
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First published on MSDN on Dec 05, 2013

In case you're not already aware, I've written additional scripts for Windows Azure deployment of AlwaysOn Availability Groups for you to play with. Windows Azure provides an ever-expanding set of PowerShell cmdlets, which make automated deployments and administration of SQL Server on IaaS a reality. These scripts are there as proofs of concept to you as well as a starting point for you in building an end-to-end scenario that fits your needs (with the usual disclaimers "for testing purposes only" and such).

Deploy a SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group in Windows Azure

Deploy a SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group in Hybrid IT

These script deploy end-to-end, including creating the VMs, configuring DC, SQL Server accounts, WSFC cluster, creating the availability group and even a fully functional listener for client connectivity. The cloud-only deployment script (first on the list) is truly end-to-end, which only requires an empty working subscription and minimal requirements for running the script. The hybrid deployment script have more complex requirements since it requires an existing on-premise domain, a site-to-site VPN, and some on-premise SQL Server machines in the deployment.

Hope you find it useful, and your feedback/comments are always helpful. J

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