Microsoft R Server 9.1 released on Azure HDInsight

Published Mar 23 2019 04:35 PM 180 Views
First published on MSDN on Jun 19, 2017

Today, we are excited to announce that Microsoft R Server 9.1 on Azure HDInsight is generally available. With this, we bring the power and innovation of our latest 9.1 release to the cloud on Spark 2.1 on HDI 3.6.

This release of R Server on HDInsight includes the following features:

  • State of the art new parallel machine learning algorithms on Spark and Hadoop

  • Pre-trained cognitive models

  • Interoperability between RevoScaleR, Sparklyr and H2O in a single Spark application

  • A framework for executing massively pleasingly parallel workloads on Spark in an efficient and easy manner

For further details on the capabilities or Microsoft R Server 9.1, check out this blog or the documentation at MSDN

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