Microsoft Drivers 5.7.0 Preview for PHP for SQL Server Released
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We recently released the next preview of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server, version 5.7.0-preview. This preview release has been built with PHP 7.1+ and tested on all supported platforms.


Notable items about this release include:



  • Dropped support for Ubuntu 18.10


  • Issue #570 - Fixed fetching varbinary data using client buffer with sqlsrv
  • Pull Request #972 - Removed redundant calls to retrieve the number of columns or rows in the current query result set
  • Pull Request #978 - PDO_SQLSRV implementation of PDO::getColumnMeta now references cached metadata rather than making an ODBC call every time
  • Pull Request #979 - Added support for data classification Sensitivity metadata retrieval
  • Pull Request #985 - Fixed memory issues with data classification data structures
  • Issue #432 - Having any invalid UTF-8 name in the connection string will no longer invoke misleading error messages
  • Issue #909 - Fixed potential exception with locale issues in macOS
  • Pull Request #992 - Produced the correct error when requesting Data Classification metadata with ODBC drivers prior to 17
  • Pull Request #1001 - Fixed compilation issue with PHP 7.4 alpha
  • Pull Request #1004 - Fixed another compilation issue with PHP 7.4 alpha
  • Pull Request #1008 - Improved data caching when fetching datetime objects
  • Pull Request #1011 - Fixed a potential buffer overflow when parsing for escaped braces in the connection string
  • Pull Request #1015 - Fixed compilation issues and addressed various memory leaks detected by PHP 7.4 beta 1


  • No support for inout / output params when using sql_variant type
  • No support for inout / output params when formatting decimal values
  • In Linux and macOS, setlocale() only takes effect if it is invoked before the first connection. Attempting to set the locale after connecting will not work
  • Always Encrypted requires MS ODBC Driver 17+
    • Only Windows Certificate Store and Azure Key Vault are supported. Custom Keystores are not yet supported
    • Issue #716 - With Always Encrypted enabled, named parameters in subqueries are not supported
    • Always Encrypted limitations

Known Issues

  • Data Classification metadata retrieval is not compatible with ODBC Driver 17.4.1
  • Connection pooling on Linux or macOS is not recommended with unixODBC < 2.3.7
  • When pooling is enabled in Linux or macOS
    • unixODBC <= 2.3.4 (Linux and macOS) might not return proper diagnostic information, such as error messages, warnings and informative messages
    • due to this unixODBC bug, fetch large data (such as xml, binary) as streams as a workaround. See the examples here
  • With ColumnEncryption enabled, calling stored procedures with XML parameters does not work (Issue #674)


Let us know how we are doing and how you use our drivers by taking our pulse survey.



  • On Linux and macOS run the commands below:



sudo pecl install sqlsrv-5.7.0preview
sudo pecl install pdo_sqlsrv-5.7.0preview​



  • To download Windows DLLs for PHP 7.1 or above from the PECL repository, please navigate to SQLSRV or PDO_SQLSRV.
  • Direct downloads for released binaries can also be found at the Github release tag.
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