Meeting the demands of IoT edge data & compute - Azure SQL Edge now available in preview.
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Today we are happy to announce Microsoft Azure SQL Edge is now available in public preview.


Optimized for IoT gateways and devices, Azure SQL Edge extends the industry-leading performance and security of Microsoft SQL engine to the intelligent edge. This small but mighty database engine (<500 MB startup memory footprint) is backed by the same engine that powers Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL and combines all the goodness of the SQL Engine with all new IoT-specific capabilities such as:

  • data streaming and time series
  • in-database machine learning and graph capabilities
  • run on any ARM64- and x64-based devices (*Linux only during preview phase)
  • deploy connected, semi-connected or completely disconnected environments

By running the same Microsoft SQL database engine both on-premises and in the cloud, you can develop your applications once and deploy it anywhere across the edge, your datacenter, and Azure. No upskilling needed!

With the availability of Azure SQL Edge in public preview, we’re inviting customers, partners, and ISVs to get started today to experience the power of SQL and AI at the edge.

See how our customers in the early adopter program are using Azure SQL Edge to bring agility to their business and edge workloads, and get started with preview today.



ZEISS sharpens its focus on optical excellence through edge manufacturing

Lens and optoelectronics company, ZEISS, added Azure SQL Edge and edge computing devices to its production machines to increase efficiency.

“If we produce 10 microscopes per day, SQL Database Edge helps us understand how to use the same resources to deliver 12 microscopes at the same quality.”

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Fugro reduced reporting speed from 2 weeks to 8 minutes

Global geo-data organization, Fugro, uses Azure SQL DB Edge to connect its remote ocean vessels and onshore assets to boost efficiency and speed innovation.

“We can remotely deploy the Azure SQL Edge module and gain SQL Server capabilities almost instantly. This is a game changer; it massively simplifies everything we do.”

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