How long does *your* CHECKDB take?
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First published on MSDN on Feb 12, 2007

Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago ( ), I'm very interested to know how long it takes for your CHECKDBs to run, so I can get an idea of the distribution of run-times on various kinds of hardware for various size databases.

So, if you have a couple of minutes, I'd be grateful if you could c&p the following into an email to me, , and answer the questions for one or more of your databases. I'd especially like to hear from those of you who work for Microsoft and look after multiple customers. If I get a worthwhile number of responses (say 100 or so) then I'll collate the responses and post a summary. I'd love to hear about databases larger than 1TB.

For the first 10 Microsoft and the first 10 non-Microsoft people to respond, I'll send you the Always-On DVD loaded with Hands-On Labs that walk you through a bunch of the various HA/DR technologies. (I'll let you know whether you win and you need to send me your address).

Many thanks!

  • How large is the database?

  • What's the size of the largest table?

  • Do you have any indexed views?

  • Which command do you run, including options?

  • How long does the command take to run?

  • How often do you run it?

  • Which version & edition of SQL Server are you running?

  • (If SQL Server 2005, did you notice an increase or decrease in runtime?)

  • How many CPUs/cores does the server have?

  • How much memory does the server have?

  • What platform is the server?

  • Describe your IO subsystem?

  • Any comments?

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