Can PerformancePoint have interactive features?
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First published on MSDN on Nov 01, 2011

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Do you know you can add interactive features to your dashboard in PerformancePoint with SSAS actions? It’s really easy, fast and it can give your business analysis the 5 stars user experience.

PerformancePoint can use Bing . Add a new SSAS URL action to your cube and allow users to get more information about the current dimension members in the web. You can define your URL dynamically with selected members and open an internet site. Use Bing engine to search for more information!

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Create drill through actions to see more details in your cube . When you have a PerformancePoint chart and you right click on it, you can find the option “Show Details”. This option gives you the ability to add an analytical grid with the details for your information analysis. It’s an easy way to give drill down capabilities into cube data and avoid creating more dashboards.

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Add Reporting Actions to show custom reports in Reporting Services . In the Additional Actions option in PerformancePoint dashboards, you can define a call to Reporting Services report for drill down information. You just have to define the Reporting action in SSAS cube with the desired conditions and integrate it with your Reporting Services instance in just a few steps.

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