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First published on MSDN on Jan 03, 2013

Authored by Ed Price

Today's post is a combination of a guest blog and a featured program! It comes from Behnam Azizi . In Behnam's words...


Here is the new version of my old game I used to call "Breaker". Since It had the same name as my previous game it didn't catch the eyes. I changed the name to a more unique one. It's the best game that I have made with small basic so far. Here are the descriptions:

Block Smasher V 2.0 Ultimate

Finally, the ultimate version of the Block Smasher game is out! download it from here and play. It has 6 distinct levels and I also added save/load features and cheat codes to the game for more fun. You will get the cheat codes once you finish the game (And please don't cheat to find the cheat codes! Play the game thoroughly!). Follow this link to download: Block Smasher V2.0 Ultimate on Microsoft Technet Gallery

And I downloaded the sound used in the main menu from here:

Garden party.mp3

Also if you are looking for the source code find it in my previous post here: Source code of Block Smasher .


Thanks to Behnam for these great experiments with a Breaker game!

- Ninja Ed

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