Learn about Microsoft 365 Business with help from an “expert”
Published Nov 15 2019 11:30 AM 4,303 Views

If you want to broaden your understanding of Microsoft 365 Business or explain the value of its security offerings to others, that usually means reading dozens of pages of documentation or wading through a lot of marketing slideware.  But what if it was a lot easier than that?  A newly launched site promises to cover everything you need to know and make you laugh.


Seem impossible?


Check out www.YourNewCSO.com and see for yourself.  The information is presented by the Chief Security Officer (CSO) who has just joined your small/medium business, and he has a lot of ideas about how to improve your cybersecurity.  Sure, he’s fictional – but he has a great answer for the most common problems facing SMBs.


At the site you’ll find:

  • Concise overviews of security topics in booklet form
  • 8 quick videos (available in 7 languages) covering the key security topics (also accessible as a YouTube playlist)
  • Tips for SMB customers interested in boosting their security posture for free by activating Office 365 features they already own
  • FAQs and the best links to additional resources
  • Customer evidence in the form of engaging infographics that are easy to consume and share




If you are a partner who serves SMB customers, you can use this material to boost your own expertise on Microsoft 365 Business, and also use it to start a conversation with your customers about how to improve their security. 


If you look after IT at your business, we think these materials will help you find a few ways to make your company even more secure. They can also help you convince your senior management that it’s worth investing in modern security tools.


Set aside a few minutes to take a look, and let us know what you think.




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