Why does the Skype for Business Mac client create new threads for an ongoing conversation?

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My colleague uses the S4B Mac client, and he reports that S4B regularly creates new conversation threads each time I send him an IM instead of just continuing our ongoing conversations. Is there a setting he could configure or is this a known issue with the S4B client? Thanks!

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If you search these forums or SfB uservoice you will find a number of posts on this topic. SfB (Lync) has been designed as conversation-based, not contact-based app, so it is hard for MS to change this integral part of how it operates (it is also heavily tied to Outlook\Exchange as history is saved in the mailbox and every new message in email is a separate email, so same is applied to Skype). They try to do workarounds like collapsing all separate threads into one entry, but this is still a collapsed view of separate threads, not a single history file. There is no setting and it seems to me it will never change. https://www.skypefeedback.com/forums/299913-generally-available/filters/top