Where Does Skype Get Contact/Group Data

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We recently migrated to O365, a thirdy party vendor did this for us, and we are planning on using Skype as an in-house chat client. I am wondering where Skype gets our employee and group data because nothing shows up within Skype unless I physically search and add a group to my list. This poses a problem for all 90 users to add all our departments themselves. Our groups are based on department/location and we want all employees to have these contacts/groups shown automatically.


Our vendor migrated distrubution and security groups and did not make Office 365 Cloud groups. I made 2 CLOUD groups for testing the TEAMS app. So does Skype draw data from Distribution groups or Cloud groups? What is the best way to setup Skype so all 90 employees can see and contact ALL employees one-on-one or contact a department with a group chat?

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It is not recomended and not best practice to rpepoulate contactslists.


Take a look at this article: