What resources would help you use Skype for Business?


Are there resources, trainings, or documents that would help you use Skype for Business?  Let us point you to existing resources or let us create new helpful how-to's for you.  


Is there something you are looking for?  Help us help you & let us know what those things are, below...







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What would be great is some video animation templates that people could re-purpose for their own organisations that describe a scenario and show how Skype for Business helps.
I've found most people don't read emails that are sent out, regardless of how pretty they may be - so video seems to be a better way to cut through.
Those videos can then be uploaded into Office 365 Video / Stream which allows you to showcase more features of Office 365.
Also I've found that gamification of product launches helps and gets excitement spreading as people want to know how to win the prizes, so will follow the challenge set out in front of them. Perhaps you could create a template / guidance around doing this which would allow for more customers to do it.

I guess a lot of the Skype resellers now spend a lot of time creating their own material (training slides and videos) which they like to be either rebranded with their own logo or the customers' logo. It would be nice if there would be a good template set available which can be easily customised. As an example i would like to use the "howto videos" for Skype for Business but would like to edit them slightly so it will not send the users to the microsoft site for more information, but to the internal site and helpdesk of my customer

Thanks @Loryan Strant - Great ideas & feedback which I will share with the team.  Let me ask @Nick Suter or @Mike Hollinshead if either of them know about a gamification template or guidance.  We've worked with several customers on that and Air Canada presented last year at Ignite on what they did.  Perhaps there's something to go off of.  



Thanks @Frank de Jong - I'm going to see what might already exist... @Debbie Arbeeny - do you happen to know if there are videos in a format that can be customized or edited?

I am looking for sample surveys to send to users for feedback on 1) How their conversion to Skype for Business went 2) Feedback from users who have been using SKype for BUsiness for awhile.


Can you direct me to any sample surveys?


I would like to have a sparring partner bot to train using Skype. So people in my company will be able to discover, practice and test features like sharing, send a file, give control, mute someone... 


If you want to train, you need someone available to do some testing/learning. 


At this time the main use of Skype is IM.  And I am sure people are shy and because they are not at ease whith the tool, they prefer to use old too or old way of working instead of using Skype.

@Larry Jin - you might find this request interesting.  

I like the customization of materials idea, I built a section of my website that did this a while ago.  You type in your company name, upload your logo, then check the relevant boxes for the functionality sections you wanted to be included in your training/quickstarts.  It would then generate a custom video tutorial and PDF for your firm for free... that was back in the OCS days.  Might be fun to rebuild it.

Something like the Interactive Demo that Teams has would (I think) be really good in showing people what they can do with Skype for Business and how to do it.




It's a nice mix of "telling" users how to do things, and "using" - allowing users to try things out in a controlled setting.