Voicemail Message Can't be Forwarded

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Currently, Skype for Business Voice Mail messages are delivered to the user's inbox.  Both individual and server side rules will not forward Voice Mail messages.  This is a feature that is desperately needed.  Managers and co-workers need the ability to have voice mail messages forwarded to them to ensure accurate coverage and customer response.  Please consider fixing the bug that prevents this from happening. 

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Hello Ken, I've been leveraging Microsoft Flow to deal with forwarding Azure Voicemail messages. See my blog on this at:

This is awesome! Very well written and works just as described. You also helped me get over my fear of Flow. The possibilities are endless. Great work!

I did the flow as described, but it seems to catch all emails with an attachment.   Not just voicemails.  How can I specify it to only run the rule on those messages?  


(voicemail left for me in my inbox, I need it forwarded to others everytime).


*Update: I added a requirement to the when the message is delivered of having "Voice Mail" in the subject and that made it only grab that type of message to run the flow.  Finally a solution to a year long problem!!!!! Thank you!