User aren't Getting calls from skype for business

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Sinds the last 2 weeks I have noticed no calls are coming in on the ios devices used for skype calls.

When someone is calling it only rings on the computer, just when you open the app on the iphone then the phone rings. Keep in mind the app was running in the background. It seems the app is disabled after 20-30 seconds.

The app was not updated and there was no ios update. This only occurs on Iphones and not on Android devices.

Does someone has a clue of whats the problem ?

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I've seen this at some customer sites and the only solution is to sign in to the app on their phone and then sign out and close it. The problem is that when the app is running and you have Simultaneously Ring activated the app stops the cellular call so that you should answer the VoIP call in the app instead, but the app never rings.


To be able to have the the app running and get calls to your phone change voice settings:

  1. Open Skype for Business App on your phone
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Voice Settings
  4. Select Cellular
  5. Go back from settings


For one customer we started a support ticket with Microsoft but when they was not able to help out after a couple of months my customer decided that they didn't want to spend more time on this issue and used the Cellular setting workarround above.


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Thanks for replying,

I'll test these settings on the ios devices.